Series and interesting posts


Below are links to all series on my blog. I put them here for reference.

.NET Inside Out — playing with .NET internals, hacking memory, generating code on the fly.
.NET Internals Cookbook — explaining multiple internals of .NET platform and answering various questions
Async wandering — internals of async keyword in C# and how to hack it.
Availability Anywhere — configuring Windows to automatically connect to VPN, set up SSH tunnels, configure PS Remoting
Bit Twiddling — hacking various applications on a very low level
Chatterbox — application for connecting multiple IM networks
Concurrency — some “benchmarks” of synchronization primitives.
Custom memory allocation in C# — how to allocate memory manually in C#.
DLL Injection — injecting DLLs into other processes in Windows.
Distributed Designs — various notes from designs of distributed and non-distributed systems.
Higher Kinded Types in C# — implementing Higher Kinded Types in C#
Integer Linear Programming — playing with ILP and implementing trivial and non-trivial stuff.
JVM Inside Out — playing with JVM ecosystem internals.
Logging in distributed systems — maintaining “happened before” relation in distributed systems for easy logging.
Machine Learning — playing with various ML approaches
Parallel execution for contests — calculating solutions in parallel, very useful for contests like Google Hashcode.
Playing With args4j — simulating traints using default interface implementations in Java to avoid code duplication in parameters.
SAT – solving SATisfiability problem.
Sitefinity — reconfiguring Sitefinity in runtime
SQLxD — implementing SQL database operating on XML files.
STM32 Key — implementing network stack and encryption mechanism using STM32.
TLA+ — exploring TLA+ and other concepts for proving hypotheses in applications.
Traits in C# — implementing traits in C# using Fody and extension methods.
Turing Machine — various algorithms for Turing Machine.
Types and Programming Languages — various discussions regarding languages, types, theory etc
Windows Research Kernel — compiling own Windows kernel.
Yet Another Useless Language — implementing compiler for custom language running on CLR with PLY and IronPython.

Other interesting posts

Debugging WCF high memory usage
Error 0x0000007b during native boot
Executing C# code in Powershell
Executing SQL queries in Excel — executing DQL query in Excel.
Generating EF includes from lambda mapping
Referencing binaries using Nuget — referencing any binary.