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Aborted transactions in Redshift due to Serializable isolation level

I was working with seemingly simple load job in Redshift. I was generating some data and wanted to store the output in separate table, just to persist it for debugging purposes. However, since the job could be reran if needed, I wanted to…

Erasure type inference issue in Java

Recently I was working with the following code:

I was compiling it with

on Windows 10 x64. It wasn’t working because of the following:

You can try reproducing the issue at, it throws the error at the moment. I…

Updating Tomcat in an EMR cluster

This is a short story of fixing Tomcat in an EMR cluster. There is a CVE about Tomcat 8 hole. I’m using EMR 5.12.2. Let’s try installing CVE patch as a bootstrap action with

It should fix the mentioned hole but after…

JVM Inside Out Part 4 — Locks and out of band exceptions

This is the fourth part of the JVM Inside Out series. For your convenience you can find other parts in the table of contents in Part 1 — Getting object address Typical locking pattern in Java (and other languages, even outside them JVM…