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Machine Learning Part 7 — Forward propagation in neural net in SQL

This is the seventh part of the ML series. For your convenience you can find other parts in the table of contents in Part 1 – Linear regression in MXNet Today we are going to create a neural net and calculate forward propagation…

Windowing functions in recursive CTE

Today we will see an interesting case of incompatibility between MS SQL Server 2017 and PostgreSQL 9.6 (and different versions as well). Let’s start with this code:

We emulate a recursive CTE. We have two columns in source dataset, we want to…

Running On Screen Keyboard in Windows 10 in C#

Today something supposedly very simple. How to run On Screen Keyboard from C#? Easy enough you say and type the following code:

And then you compile it as Any CPU, run on Windows 10 x64 and you get the following error: What…