Chatterbox Part 10 — Poor man’s voice-based paging system

This is the tenth part of the Chatterbox series. For your convenience you can find other parts in the table of contents in Part 1 – Origins

Today a very simple solution for a paging system based on voice calls. We’re going to use Zadarma and SipCLI.

First, register a phone number in Zadarma. Obviously, you need to pay for a subscription or whatever works for you.

Second, we use SipCLI with the following command:

sipcli.exe 123456789 -l 3 -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -d -o 25

It tries to call you for 25 seconds and then drops the call. Now, important thing is – you don’t pick up. This way it’s effectively free of charge (obviously you need to keep your Zadarma account active).