.NET Internals Cookbook

.NET Internals Cookbook is a book of mine in which I explain internals of .NET platform. It is available on Amazon!

Understand .NET memory structure, multi-threading and garbage collection internals to avoid performance problems and interoperability issues. Even though CLR hides low level complexity under the hood, there are multiple advantages of understanding internals to improve software performance, decrease memory usage and analyze issues faster.

.NET Internals Cookbook contains almost one hundred questions about various .NET internals, answered with both C# code and its IL counterpart, machine code and WinDBG debugging sessions. It contains references to books, blog posts and articles covering specific scenarios in detail. Each chapter addresses different area of .NET development, including garbage collection, multi-threading scenarios, interoperability with other languages or details of type system.

You will learn:
1. Internals of memory structure, garbage collection algorithms and multi-threading mechanisms
2. Debugging using WinDBG
3. Analyzing IL and machine code
4. Best practices for handling exceptions and crashes.
5. Writing safe multi-threading code.

This book is for .NET developers, performance engineers and programmers interested in low level details of the platform.