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Availability Anywhere Part 8 — Running interactive application on a remote server from shell

This is the eighth part of the Availability Anywhere series. For your convenience you can find other parts in the table of contents in Part 1 – Connecting to SSH tunnel automatically in Windows Imagine that you’d like to run an interactive application…

Capturing all output in Powershell

Today very simple trick to capture whole output from Powershell. Let’s see those files: 1.ps1






Let’s now run this with powershell:

Okay, we have all STD OUT and STD ERR streams.…

Decreasing pain of stolen focus

One of the most irritating thing in Windows is no way to prevent an application from stealing focus. There are multiple questions on Stack Overflow regarding the issue, there are rumors that Microsoft wanted to do something but they cannot detect it reliably.…

Parallel Execution for Contests Part 1 — Powershell

This is the first part of the Parallel Execution for Contests series. For your convenience you can find other parts using the links below : Part 1 — Powershell Part 2 — C# Part 3 — C++ Hello! Today we start a new…

Executing C# code using PowerShell script

Imagine a situation when you want to write some C# code but you don’t have a C# compiler nearby. You might want to use online IDE like Ideone or .NET Fiddle to write and execute piece of code, but these environments are very…